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We have reached a critical point in history, where agriculture & food systems are unsustainably fragile due to climate change, soil degradation and the loss of productive farmland. 

Lettuce-Farming Robots

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture that includes Climate & Automation is an integrated approach to managing foodscapes — using cropland, waste land, urban gardens & farms, addresses the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change.

Pupils in Greenhouse

Food, agriculture, and land use — together are responsible for a fifth of global GHG emission. Digitalization to increase productivity per hectare – reducing pressure to expand agricultural land frontiers into forests while optimizing use of inputs (fertilizers, crop protection, water) which have direct and indirect GHG impacts.


Making Sense of Farm Data

Plant & Irrigation System

Crop Science

While water management is key in climate uncertainty, Precision agriculture & biotech helps in optimising of inputs, preserves water and reduces agrochemical use

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